It's a combination that couldn't be more opposite. Al Atkins, the original frontman for Judas Priest, has joined with Christian guitarist Paul May for a new heavy metal project. The Serpent's Kiss, from Gonzo Multimedia, is available now in the U.K. and as an import in the U.S.

The 10-track album is the product of two of the finest architects of rock and metal coming together to create something that is unique and totally exhilarating. There are enough doses of melody and metal madness to entice all fans of the genre, and while it is solid, honest working class heavy metal, it also has its roots in contemporary metal with some fine axe-work and killer choruses. The cover art for Serpent's Kiss is also unique as it was created by world famous fantasy artist Rodney Matthews.

"Working with Paul May on the Serpent's Kiss album was a fantastic journey," says Al. "From the opening song The Shallowing to the last song Theatre of Fools, it was an honor to have been asked by the brilliant guitarist Paul May to put this project together. Without a doubt this is one of the best albums I have appeared on since my early days with Judas Priest and that says something having written and recorded several of my own works."

"This album was meant to be," explains Paul. "When Al agreed to do the vocals it inspired me to write specific tracks tailored for his voice. Not only did Al deliver in abundance, he did so with world class! It's what I'd call a 'Classic Hard Rock/Metal' album; that covers a wealth of subject matters and life experiences. It's all rock 'n' roll! And a real triumph to me in so many ways. I just feel blessed! To again, be involved with such a great vocalist and friend and end up with such a cracking album is a gift indeed - rock on!"

The video for Fight from the The Serpent's Kiss: