The letter written by Paul McCartney in 1960 inviting a drummer to audition for a place in the Beatles has brought $55,000 at a Christie's auction. The amount is almost eight-times the estimate.
According to historians, this is one of the earliest pieces referring to the band as the Beatles and shows they were still looking for an alternative drummer on the day that Pete Best was brought into the group.

Louise Mensch, a member of the British Parliament, has proposed Jimmy Page for knighthood. She announced on Twitter "I’ve proposed Jimmy Page. Waiting to see if that finds favour with Honours Directorate. I hope so...Clearly there is nobody more worthy of a knighthood and I am glad to say I have gathered support from every major record label in the U.K."
Mensch's husband, Peter, manages Metallica and Muse.

Paul Simonon of the Clash has revealed that he was jailed for two weeks in Greenland back in June after being arrested during a Greenpeace protest. Simonon was working on the boat the MV Esperanza as the cook under an assumed name when he and 17 others stormed the Leiv Eriksson oil rig.

Sting has reaffirmed his position on any further reunions of the Police during an interview with Billboard magazine. "You know, it's something I am very proud of but I’m not sure there would be a reason to open it again except for nostalgic reasons, and I think we did that. I thought we did it very successfully. The timing was perfect. Everybody was happy to see us. So you know say, ‘OK, let’s close the book...’"

Sly Stone may be getting out of his April cocaine possession charges.
Stone has plead no contest to the charge and the judge will drop the case if Sly completes the final sixty days of his current in-patient rehab (he has been in thirty days already).

Marlon, Tito and Jackie Jackson are suing the maker of a Michael Jackson Thriller replica coat claiming they had not been paid the $100,000 they were each promised for signing the 1,000 jackets. According to the brothers, they were to be paid right after they signed but the manufacturer changed the deal to after they were delivered to for sale.

Dinosaur, Jr. are releasing their first three albums from the 80's on cassette. Dinosaur (1985), You're Living All Over Me (1987) and Bug (1988) will be packaged in a limited edition (500 copies) wooden box set. In addition, the first fifty people to order the albums will get a fourth cassette with the first Sebadoh cassette, Weed Forestin'.