When the Big Issue asked Gary Barlow what he thought about Noel Gallagher’s near-appointment as an X Factor judge, Barlow replied:

“I don’t know about (Noel being a good judge)… It’s a big commitment. If you’re going to get involved with something like this you’ve got to be prepared to give a lot of time and effort to it…I can’t see him doing it somehow.”

Although happy to have the phone ringing again, Barlow continues to wax world-weary during the interview.

“Of course nowadays…all anybody wants to talk about is the bloody X Factor and what they think the songs should be, and oh God…”

Barlow also reveals he wasn’t ready for the “circus” media attention devoted to The X Factor. “There’s so much I wasn’t prepared for,” he laughs. “The press stuff is just…actually quite funny. It’s so wrong and so untrue it becomes funny.”

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