Nick Jonas has admitted the Jonas Brothers “want to take [their] time” with their next musical offering.

The American singer is part of the popular band alongside his siblings Kevin and Joe. The band are currently taking a break from working together to focus on their own projects. After releasing a solo album last year, Nick has been taking his first steps into music production. The 19-year-old will also appear in Joe Jonas has revealed a temporary timeframe for when the Jonas Brothers plan to reunite to begin work on their next record. on Broadway.

Meanwhile, older brother Joe has been busy promoting his solo album, Fastlife.

Nick says it’s time for the band to reform.

"We had been focusing this past year-and-a-half on our individual projects and what we're doing on our own, and I think that with How to Succeed and with Joe still promoting his album and doing all that, that's still a bit part of the future," Nick told MTV News.

"However, we have started thinking about the next step and what that means for the brothers, and the tone overall is just that we want it to be the right time, and we want to take our time."

The band have even secured a temporary timeframe for when they intend on starting work on their next album. Joe is thrilled at the prospect.

"I'm gonna be going to New York probably when Nick's going to be doing some Broadway stuff, so maybe some more Jonas Brothers stuff soon," Joe said.

"Kevin, he lives in New York, so we'll all be there together. We'll see what happens. Nick's gonna be working on his project, and we're always writing together, and we promised the band's not over. So, I'm definitely looking forward to be able to get back with them."

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