For the second time this year, Patti LaBelle is being sued after an altercation.

Back in March, LaBelle and her entourage were involved in a situation at the Houston airport where a West Point cadet, who was on his cellphone, wandered a bit too close to LaBelle's bags for her liking. Video on the scene showed the singer's bodyguards pushed and punched the cadet down three times, causing a reported concussion. LaBelle was sued by the cadet and she, in turn, counter-sued him claiming that he started the altercation.

Now, a New York couple are suing LaBelle over an incident in an apartment building lobby. According to the filing, Roseanna Monk was in the lobby with her 18-month-old daughter when the toddler wandered a short distance away while the mother was dealing with luggage and a car seat. Words were exchanged ending with LaBelle throwing water on the mother and daughter, launching into a obscenity-filled tirade and charging the woman to hit her.

According to the couple's lawyer, Monk asked LaBelle for an apology and a donation to a children's cancer fund but the singer refused.