Mark Hoppus has revealed the song that “altered his life”.

The American musician is a member of Blink-182 – also comprising of Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker.

Mark is a big music fan and has explained that a particular track had a lasting effect on him.

“Silly Girl by Descendants. I’d say that was the first song that really altered my life. It’s that song that pointed me in the right direction of punk rock. Before that, I’d liked Sex Pistols songs and the Ramones had some really cool songs, but Silly Girl by Descendants just caught me more,” he explained to NME magazine.

“It was exactly what I didn’t know that I needed in my life. It was fast, it was from Southern California, it was energetic, it was catchy, it had lyrics about girls and food and friends and it spoke to me in a way that nothing did.”

Mark has also recalled the first ever show he went to. The star really enjoyed watching They Might Be Giants.

“It was great, it was like this small dirty club and these high school kids were smoking there and it was loud and uncomfortable and sweaty and awesome all at the same time,” he enthused.

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