Legendary rock band Jane’s Addiction, online music creation site Indaba Music, and online community for visual artists Creative Allies recently came together to create a unique digital remix single for the track “Irresistible Force” off of the band’s brand new album, The Great Escape Artist that will be released by EMI today, Tuesday, November 8.

The swirling, moody and epic track was first posted on Indaba Music as a remix opportunity. Then, Creative Allies took the winning track from industrial rock band Mindless Faith, who gave it even more intensity and gritty sparkle, and asked its designers to work with assets from Jane’s Addiction and the inspiration of the music to create the art for the official release. Sean Davidson was the final pick. Fans were able to weigh in on their choices through Jane’s Addiction’s Facebook page, with the group picking the ultimate winners for each opportunity. Coincidentally, both the winning band and graphic artist hail from Baltimore, MD.

In addition to the recognition by some of music’s most original and innovative artists and exposure to their over 300,000 Facebook fans as well as release by a major record label, both Mindless Faith and Sean Davidson also received $1000 each.

The remix single is available online now. You can also watch a montage of the 10 Creative Allies design finalists, set to the official “Irresistible Force – Mindless Faith” remix below: