Emo princes 30 Seconds To Mars will celebrate their EMA wins with a Guinness World Record.

The band scored two MTV European Music Awards yesterday – Best Alternative Act and Best World Stage (whatever that means) – likely due to their push to get fans voting, not least the 440,000 twitter followers.

In addition to that, they’re about to nab a world record.

Punknews.com reports that they’ll be inducted into the book for the odd record of “the most shows played during a single album cycle”.

Their most recent album is This Is War from 2009, and they’ve circled the world many times since, playing on six continents and almost sixty countries.

They’re about to perform their 300th show on the album, which nets them the record.

The tour doesn’t end now, they play Poland tonight, then all the way through Europe until December for two shows in New York.