Remember remember the 5th of November, X Factor, judges and plots...

So, after last weeks spooky Halloween show, did the bonfire night show go off with a bang or did it fizzle out before it was lit?

Following the departure of Sophie Habibas last week, again, its anyones game. I am pleased we welcomed Kelly back. Lets hope they all stick with it now.

This week was dance floor classics and who better to kick off the "show" than Johnny Robinson. Or so you would think!

I have to say the first part of his performance was Johnny's worst of the series, a little bit graty and painful to hear. The second half improved slightly but may have been even better if he had brought out the silver jacket again. We know Gary's not a fan.

Next up was Midas Act, Janet Devlin. I have to say that dance classics is totally out of her comfort zone and sadly it showed.

Half way through Janet forgot some of her words and it was later revealed on the Xtra Factor that her set was changed 20 minutes before she was due to go live. I hope the public give her another chance because otherwise she could find herself in trouble tonight during the double elimination.

Craig Colton gave another good vocal performance but the more I hear him sing, the more he reminds me of a West End star rather than a pop star.

After meeting JLS, The Risk needed to show that there is a place for them in an already saturated boy band Market.

I like them, but they are bringing nothing new and this week they were forgettable.

Marcus Collins is improving every week and I have liked him since day one. He is now becoming a real threat to the other acts and in my opinion is the one to watch.

Here we go everyone..Kitty Brucknell was up next.

To give Kitty her due, she can sing, but I'm just not warming to her and I have to agree with Kelly, the last 30 seconds or so just consisted of her shouting a few one liners from one end of the stage to the next.

The loveable Frankie...just joking.

Frankie Cocozza was up next, the chorus was "tonight's going to be a good night"....why, are you not singing Frankie?

He just couldn't be bothered and it showed. He is one of the reasons the show is failing this year as he blatantly can't sing.

That brings me to the other reason. The judges. People say to me concentrate on the acts and not the judges. My argument is if the acts were performing better, I would.

The big row between the judges after Frankie's performance was horrible to watch. It got nasty, personal and unwatchable. Tulisa was the only one to come out of last night unscathed.

Misha B brought a bit of order back to proceedings with another great vocal and I am certain she will be safe this week after being in the bottom 2 last week.

Girl band Little Mix finished the show and although it started a bit ropey it improved and they ended on a high.

I have worked with Reality shows for well over 5 years now and I have to be honest and admit that this series of The X Factor is starting to look stale and is at times unwatchable.

Come back Simon....please.