Robyn will “think about” dressing up in costume for her Halloween concert.

The 32-year-old Swedish singer will perform at the O Music Awards 2 in Los Angeles on the spooky holiday Monday.

Robyn is inspired by the festive spirit.

"Maybe I should [consider dressing up in costume]," Robyn told MTV News.

"I dressed up as Robin, you know, 'Batman and Robin' at this costume festival once in Texas, I think it was in Texas. [No,] Comic-Con. At San Diego's Comic-Con, so I may have to do something like that. I'll think about it."

Although Robyn is considering switching up her apparel for the ghoulish day, she is not planning on introducing such unusual antics onstage. The songstress intends on performing a good, customary show.

"I'm planning to play with my band as usual, no tricks, just like what we always do, which is usually just try to make people dance and have a good time," Robyn said.

Robyn wants to use her time well on stage. She will squeeze in as much music as possible for her fans.

"I think it's gonna work this time. I'm gonna perform as many songs as I can,” Robyn explained. “We'll see what we'll be able to fit in, but I've been told I get to do as many songs as I want to, so I'm gonna try and fit as much as I can. Maybe not a full show, but a little more than you usually get at an awards show."

The O Music Awards 2 will be broadcast on MTV Monday. Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato and Tyler, the Creator are also slated to perform.

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