Cory Monteith has recorded a new album with his rock band.

The singer is best known for his portrayal of Finn Hudson in musical TV show Glee, but is also the drummer in group Bonnie Dune.

The band played a show at iconic nightspot The Roxy in Los Angeles on Sunday, where Cory announced they have a new record coming out.

“We've been in the studio recording another EP, which we're really excited for you guys to hear,” he said, according to E! Online.

Bonnie Dune performed for 45 minutes, thrilling the crowd by playing 11 tracks.

Cory was dressed casually in dark jeans and T-shirt and sang backing vocals while playing the drums.

Meanwhile, his Glee co-star Idina Menzel also had a big performance last week. She took to the stage at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles and entertained the audience by singing and talking to them.

Idina is Shelby Corcoran in the hit TV show, the biological mother of Lea Michele’s character Rachel Berry. The two women have sung together on the series, with Idina admitting she was initially unsure about their rendition of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face.

“I'm like, a mother and daughter reunion and Poker Face? I never ever really thought of the song that way. I had heard it a couple of times and there were some weird lyrics in it about baked goods. I didn't know how it would pertain to [the reunion],” she joked.

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