(Cover) - FR Showbiz - Slash became “f**king obsessed” with video game Guitar Hero.

The musician used to spend a large chunk of his leisure time playing the computer game.

He eventually banned it because he had become so fanatical.

“Guitar Hero was cool because it was something I could identify with. My skills are lousy, but there was one period, for a couple of months, where I became completely f**king obsessed,” he explained in Kerrang! magazine.

“I eventually packed it up and put it in the closet because I was horribly addicted to it!”

Amy Lee has also revealed her penchant for video games. The Evanescence singer often passes time with the hobby.

“I love Little Big Planet! My all-time favourite video game character is Link from Legend Of Zelda, but Little Big Planet is my favourite game,” she revealed.

“When I was back home I could honestly sit there and play that game for three hours straight, easy!”

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