Joe Jonas would like to have Lea Michele as his slave.

The singer believes Glee star Lea has an incredible voice. Because of this he believes she would be the perfect person to be at his beck and call.

“I think Lea Michele has a beautiful voice,” he told British magazine We Love Pop. “I would probably have her as my slave to sing to me all the time. I’d be like, ‘Sing again! Get me my chess board! Give me the remote!’”

Joe has previously admitted that he is a huge fan of the hit TV show and even calls himself a ‘Gleek’.

The 22-year-old recently released his first solo album Fast Life, alluding to his head spinning career of singing, touring and travelling.

However, the star confessed that when drives he doesn’t like to go too fast and has never been caught speeding.

“I’ve been stopped by police once. It was a trick!” he exclaimed. “He was with his daughter and asked for a photo.”

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