Mark Hoppus claims the decision to cancel Blink-182’s UK tour was “big, difficult and agonising”.

Blink-182 decided against staging the shows this summer, which left fans reeling. Mark explained although the band lost out financially it did allow them to finish work on their new album Neighbourhoods.

“It was a big, difficult, agonising decision that cost us a lot of money, a lot of good will, because people thought we were frivolously cancelling the tour, which we weren’t at all, but it’s hard to explain that to people,” he told the BBC.

“I can understand their annoyance and their frustration, but in the end, having that extra six weeks allowed us to finish the record and we wrote some of the best stuff in that six weeks.”

Mark has his own music chat show on US cable television. The bassist and singer has discussed the people he’s really enjoyed having on the programme.

“Snoop [Dogg] was an amazing guest. He’s really pro, you know, like he gives a really great interview. He gives great stories. He’s a cool guy, he’s very likeable,” he gushed.

“The Mumford & Sons guys came on. It was the first TV show they’d ever been on and they had no idea how to teleprompters worked on the cameras. It was like they got transported from the 1800s into my studio. Those guys are awesome.”

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