Jordin Sparks has revealed that she lost 40lbs by cutting snacks out of her diet.

The 21-year-old American Idol winner says that her stunning weight loss was as a result of eating less and being motivated to see muscle definition on her body.

She opened up to OK! magazine and did not mind sharing how much she had dropped.

“When I did the photo shoot, I had lost 30lbs and I think maybe I’ve lost about 10 more,” she told the publication.

“My whole thing now is toning. I just want to see muscle.”

Jordin says that she does not want to lose any more weight and is just happy seeing how much looser her clothes feel.

“It’s more about the clothes fit,” she shared. “And to look in the mirror and go, ‘I wonder what other muscle I can get to pop out? Let’s work on that today.’”

She said her biggest tip is to stick to just her regular meals and consume a lot of fluids.

“My most helpful diet tip is definitely drinking more water,” she said. “Sipping water throughout the day will keep you from being super hungry and gorging.”

“One of the big things is I’m not snacking as much anymore, which has been nice. I just have my meals during the day and I’m good.”

Jordin said that she was motivated to lose weight after she got pneumonia last December and got her stamina back from walking around the trail near her home and then slowly adding in jogging and hiking.

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