Christmas always comes too soon, but not for Bieber, who delivers a theme album featuring Usher, Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey and more.

The album, Under The Mistletoe, leads with the first single, which is an original Christmas tune titled ‘Mistletoe’.

The twelve track disc (fifteen if you go for the deluxe edition) is technically Bieber’s second studio album.

It features originals and classics and guest spots from Mariah Carey (herself no stranger to festive music), his mentor Usher, New Jack Swing legends Boyz II Men, The Band Perry, and Busta Rhymes chipping in on ‘Little Drummer Boy’. Truly.

Under The Mistletoe will be released on October 28 in Australia via Universal. ‘Mistletoe’ the single is out today.

Have a look at the Biebster rugging up against the cold and courting a Selena Gomez-a-like in a film clip teaser for ‘Mistletoe’ here.