P.Diddy is warning his friends not to trust any messages they receive from him.

The rapper has recently become a victim of identity theft.

Along with details of his American Express card, social security number and internet passwords, information from his cell phone was also posted online.

This is thought to include the numbers of some high-profile celebrity friends.

The star is warning everyone to ignore his tweets, emails, text messages and even voice mails.

A close friend told The Chicago-Sun Times that P.Diddy was especially worried because his “voice is so easily mimicked”.

The music mogul has hired a team of identity theft professionals and security experts to track down the hacker and remove the details that are already out there.

“It’s a big mess,” the close friend revealed.

Along with the details some private photos were also hacked and posted in the public arena. The photographs are allegedly of P.Diddy with R&B singer Cassie.

The star is not the first celebrity to have intimate details exposed.

Mila Kunis, Christina Aguilera and Scarlett Johansson have all had personal information hacked in recent months. The man responsible for these invasions of privacy has since been arrested.

It is not known if he is connected to the P.Diddy case.

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