A doco of the year after the release of Phoenix’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix album will air in Europe this week.

NME reports that the documentary about the French indie pop upstarts will air in France and Germany on the Arte network on October 13.

The 52-minute doco, titled From A Mess To The Masses, follows the band during the year after the release of their Grammy-winning 2009 breakthrough album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

It was directed by Antoine Wagner (who did the clip to their ‘Lisztomania’ single) and Francisco Soriano, and features live footage as well as a peak behind the scenes of a band shooting to international fame.

Incidentally, the band have been songwriting for their fifth album this year, and have said that new stuff is inspired by their work on the film Somewhere, directed by singer Thomas Mars’ now-wife Sofia Coppola.