Joe Jonas finds being a solo artist “scary” sometimes.

The 22-year-old musician’s first solo record Fastlife is due to be released on October 11. Joe put his heart and soul into this album.

“When I started writing for the record, I wanted it to be very personal… even though it's scary because it's just [me] by myself,” Joe told USA Today.

”People are going to listen and try to pinpoint what the lyrics are about, but I did my best without saying any names.”

Being a member of group The Jonas Brothers offered Joe familial support when he performed onstage. Although performing alone is a novel experience for the singer, Joe thoroughly enjoys it.

“Even if I'm tired or exhausted or not feeling great, when I look out into the audience and I see those fans — that energy that they pull out of me is just hard to explain,” Joe said. “Being on your own is a different thing because you put pressure on yourself to make the show great.”

Joe credits his current success to the lessons he learned in his formative professional years. Experiencing fame as a teenager, Joe feels fortunate to have had a wide network of support.

“I was living that life for six years, still kind of am. It can be a very scary thing. I'm lucky I had a family and good friends to keep my head on straight and to realise it's a dream come true.”

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