Jay Sean believes that Joe Jonas is his “good luck charm”.

The singer and Joe recently wrapped up an autumn concert tour together.

Jay feels lucky to have had the opportunity to perform with the Jonas Brothers star.

“[Joe’s] a good luck charm for me,” Jay told OK! magazine. “Definitely.”

Jay and Joe pull throngs of fans to their shows. Jay observes that his music devotees are extremely similar to the type Joe attracts.

“I noticed a lot of his fans were holding up a lot of these big ‘I Love You Joe Marry Me’ signs were also singing every single one of my songs and vice versa. So we were like, we wouldn’t have thought it, but we share quite a common fan base,” Jay explained.

“It kind of made sense, a majority of our fans are girls. 99 percent of them are girls and if we do this it will be a lot of fun.”

Jay is not surprised that so many ladies swoon over Joe. Jay is pretty fond of the charming singer himself.

“He’s a good looking dude, definitely he’s a very nice guy,” Jay said.

Jay and Joe will be performing dates across Europe and North America for the duration of the season.

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