Adele worries people won’t like her music if she starts writing happy songs.

The British singer has released albums 19 and 21, both of which were about breaking up with a man. It means most of her tracks have a dark undertone, but she hopes that isn’t always the case.

Even though she’d like to write upbeat songs, Adele worries how fans would react.

“I think the worst thing that can happen is if I put together a very positive or happy record and people complain that I was better when I was sad and miserable!” she laughed to Look magazine. “But that’s out of my control. I would hate to stay single or go through bad break-ups just to be able to write moody songs!”

One of Adele’s best known tracks is Someone Like You, which is an ode to a former partner. She wrote it as she felt she’d end up a “bitter old woman” if she didn’t get her feelings out. This is true with most of her tracks.

“The music makes me feel fearless,” she said. “It’s something that I know I can use to think about what’s gone on in my life. I think of it as cheap therapy. I like to talk, but I use my songwriting to express myself best.”

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