Roger Daltrey recently talked to Billboard, telling them that he is "cautiously optamistic" about a 2012 tour with Pete Townshend to play Quadrophenia.

"Certainly we are hoping to," he told the magazine. "We haven't gone away. But Pete has got -- and this is not a joke or (an excuse) to get out of a situation -- he's got serious problems with his ears. I mean, he's now gotten down to wearing two hearing aids. So there are technical problems that we have to get around in order to play live, in a long show. Nothing's for sure yet."

He also told them he isn't that interested in the Deluxe version of the rock opera. "I've got my memories of it at the time -- do I need any more?"

In addition, Daltrey talks about the possibilities of another solo album (his last was 1992's Rocks in the Head), his singing and his interest in doing a film on late-drummer Keith Moon.

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