Queen Latifah is thrilled to have inspired other female rap artists.

The star has recently become known for her acting skills as well as her musical talents.

But the 44-year-old is most proud of the work she did for the hip-hop scene and in particular improving the field for female rappers.

"People paved the way for me and you pave the way for others,” she told Parade.com. “You have to expand the game as much as you can for the ladies. I've always kind of been a champion for the ladies in that sense. Even if we don't like each other necessarily, I appreciate that each of us has our own voice and we can express ourselves the way we see fit. I think many female rappers have been inspired by me as I have been inspired by others."

However, Queen Latifah believes the rap scene has regressed in terms of equality between men and women. The Chicago star is not impressed with the current performers out there.

"Hopefully it will get back to where it was it was and more people will come out,” she sighed. “We can't just have one [female] rapper. It just became so male dominated. How much money can you throw at a strip club? How much weed can you smoke? How many girls can you have sex with? Can we have a new record? Can you make this interesting?”

Queen Latifah believes women have something new to bring to the world of hip-hop. She insists that rap music will not be at its best until the music industry recognises what women have to offer.

“To me, hip-hop will never be right until female rappers have a stronger voice in it," she said.

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