Florence Welch and her band always “throw shapes” to Beyoncé Knowles before going on stage.

The singer and her band Florence + the Machine strive to give stage performances their all. They’ve found singing and dancing beforehand helps them get in the mood, and love nothing better than letting go to some Beyoncé tracks.

“Me and Isa [Summers, keyboardist] and the girls in our band will be in our dressing room throwing as many shapes as possible to I Am… Sash Fierce,” Florence laughed.

The American singer isn’t the only one who gets the band in the mood. They listen to anything modern and upbeat before taking to the stage, a ritual Florence plans to continue for the rest of her career.

“Beyoncé’s unbelievable. We listen to anything that’s high-octane and high emotion, any of the Beyoncé records or Lady Gaga and Lil Wayne, to get ourselves worked up. We had the Lady Gaga record on repeat for the entire U2 tour,” Florence laughed to Q magazine