Brandon Flowers “couldn’t bear” to let his siblings destroy their parents’ Sir Elton John album when he was little.

The American singer’s siblings didn’t think much of their parents’ taste in music when they were growing up. They came up with unusual ways to get rids of the albums they hated the most, but Brandon would never let them near Elton’s Greatest Hits.

“My older brothers and sisters treated my parent’s records with total disrespect. They used to sledge down the driveway in the snow on them! I could understand if they were all c**p, but they weren’t. The Elton John Greatest Hits album I couldn’t bear to see ruined,” Brandon recalled to Q.

However, having a soft spot for Elton caused Brandon problems. He knew the British singer wasn’t the “coolest” artist around at the time, but still couldn’t help singing along to his tunes.

“That set up a real conflict in me, because I got into Elton John just as I heard The Cars and The Smiths for the first time aged 12 or 13,” he explained. “He wasn’t necessarily the coolest guy but you couldn’t deny the songs were great.”