Michael Jackson’s chef says Dr. Conrad Murray frantically asked her to “get help” in the late singer’s final minutes.

Jackson’s personal chef Kai Chase took the stand at the deceased star’s trial yesterday.

The superstar died of acute Propofol intoxication on June 25 2009 and Murray has been charged with his involuntary manslaughter. He is currently on trial in Los Angeles and has denied the allegations.

Chase presented her testimony following the compelling account given by Michael’s bodyguard Alberto Alvarez. The guard alleged that Murray asked him to package up several vials of pills and medicine before emergency personnel arrived.

According to Chase, she was in the kitchen making lunch for Michael and his kids around noon. Between 12.05 and 12.10pm Murray ran downstairs frantically screaming for Chase to “get [Michael’s son] Prince, get help, get security”.

Chase sent Prince upstairs to Murray and returned to cooking.

The chef admits that she did not phone security at this stage.

On Wednesday, Michael’s personal assistant Michael Amir Williams testified that Murray phoned him at 12.13pm asking for help. Williams then immediately phoned security.

Defence attorneys were quick to highlight that Chase was not concerned enough to telephone security after Murray ran downstairs. Despite the defence’s criticism of her reaction on the day, Chase believes that her testimony was helpful to the prosecution.

"Absolutely,” Chase said to reporters when asked if her testimony assisted Michael’s case.

The Jackson family have found the case incredibly challenging so far.

Michael’s sister La Toya Jackson took to Twitter on Thursday to express her sentiments about the trial.

“In the break room with my father discussing the case. @CNN It Hurt's [sic],” La Toya tweeted.

“@CNN @hlntv was taken from the world. I WANT JUSTICE AND I WANT IT NOW! DR. Murray has been UNDERCHARGED! [sic]”

The trial continues.

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