Cee Lo Green thinks Iggy Pop is the “ultimate American icon”.

The American hip-hop star stormed the charts internationally last year with the song F**k You! and is considered one of the most exciting acts in the industry right now.

Cee Lo looks up to a number of legendary music stars, but one singer stands out for him.

He thinks Iggy Pop is a great ambassador for the US.

“Iggy Pop is the ultimate American icon, like the anti-working class hero, this drugged-up rebel kid with too much energy who’s thumbing his nose at the world,” he explained in an interview with NME magazine.

Cee Lo counts Iggy’s Raw Power Album, with his band The Stooges, among his favourite records of all time. The 37-year-old star loves the dynamic sound.

“Raw Power is probably the best Stooges album, because it’s so loud. It’s been mastered very high in the mix, so it leaps out of the speakers at you like being socked in the jaw,” he revealed.

Cee Lo has also revealed his favourite Iggy Pop lyric; “I’m an easy mark with my broken heart” from his song Sixteen. The singer-songwriter thinks the 64-year-old’s iconic song words hold a very deep connection with the audience.

“I love Iggy Pop. Everything he’s ever done. And I think that song captures what it’s like to be the lonely side of 16,” he said.

“Iggy’s laying his problems on the line: what it is to be awkward and unaccepted in life, while everyone else is having fun around you. Lyrically, it has that barbed, pained poetry of Iggy’s best work.”

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