Cee Lo Green found watching The Jacksons perform “life changing”.

Cee Lo became a worldwide star in 2006 with his tuneful vocals on the Gnarls Barkley hit Crazy. Since then he has travelled the world touring with his solo album The Ladykiller.

However, the soul man still remembers the first show he ever saw, The Jacksons in 1984.

“I refer to it as a moment when my life changed,” Cee Lo told the NME. “I must’ve been five or six, and I was completely inspired, blown away. They were such a powerful unit of performers, they were dazzling. They opened up with Can You Feel It, and I can still remember those horns [The Jacksons wore during the performance], and the feeling they evoked in me.”

The Jacksons were made up of the five brothers from the iconic musical Jackson family, Michael, Jackie, Tito, Marlon and Jermaine.

Cee Lo believes that an artist or group must have a very strong image. One of his favourite bands at the moment is Black Veil Brides who are known for their distinct appearance as much as their music. The band is heavily inspired by glam rock bands such as Kiss and they are rarely seen without their black and white make-up.

“The first time I saw a picture of them, I thought they seemed great,” he reveals. “So many bands are going around being really casual these days, but here was a bunch of guys who were brave enough to go for the whole package.”

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