Britney Spears still has “tonnes” she wants to achieve.

The pop singer turns 30 in December and can’t wait for her landmark birthday. While many worry about the ageing process Britney sees it as something to embrace.

She has won countless awards for her music and is recognisable across the world, but the star insists she hasn’t accomplished everything she wants to yet.

“There’s tonnes more for me to do, definitely,” she enthused.

Britney is currently in the UK as she’s about to take her Femme Fatale tour to Europe.

She’s been spotted shooting her promo for new single Criminal in London. Britney has been seen with a gun and wearing a balaclava, and the star has now discussed the video’s premise.

“It’s a really cool storyline, about a girl in upper society and the way she lives her life is totally different to the person she’s in love with. And it’s about bringing those two totally different characters together and what happens,” she told British TV show This Morning.

Meanwhile, lawyers involved with the star have asked for $900,000 in legal fees. Britney was put under a conservatorship after her 2008 meltdown, meaning other people are in charge of her personal and professional affairs.

Her father Jamie is one of them, and his lawyers have asked to be paid $238,000. Co-conservator Andrew Wallett requested $314,000, with the rest of the money needed to pay over attorneys involved with the pop star.

A hearing is scheduled for November when the requests will be discussed.

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