Gavin Rossdale makes many “sacrifices” for his family, but feels “lucky” to be married to Gwen Stefani.

The 45-year-old rock singer has just reunited with his band Bush after a 10-year hiatus. Balancing hectic touring schedules and family is not an easy task, but Gavin and Gwen work their way through the challenges. Open dialogue is a great asset in their relationship.

“[Gwen and I] muddle our way through it,” Gavin told Us Weekly. “It's just about the communication and also just the space. The one thing that's always been so good for us is to understand each other's timetables and commitments and responsibilities.”

Gavin and Gwen wed in September 2002. They have two sons together, Kingston, five, and Zuma, three. Nearly a decade into their marriage and with two children to raise, Gavin admits that parenthood can get a bit rough at times. He will do whatever he can to instil good values into his children.

“It's inevitable that anyone who has kids makes sacrifices,” Gavin explained. “Nothing's perfect and everything has its price. But I think that I will want to instil the value in them of applying yourself and the value of sacrifice, and what it takes.”

Gavin didn’t always think he would be so into fatherhood. His old friends are amazed at the husband and dad he is today.

“It's a mystery to me and all the friends I grew up with -- they look at me and laugh. They say, ‘You're the last person we thought was gonna be in this situation!'” Gavin chuckled.

Gavin is delighted with the life that he shares with Gwen and their sons. He feels charmed.

“I'm so lucky,” Gavin said. “What I can tell you is I married up.”