After the drama of audition show 4, was show 5 going to be just as spectacular...? Read on to find out.

Sundays show kicked off from Liverpool. Celebrations all round as it was Tulisa's birthday. As a surprise her fellow judges bought her a man!! In the form of a bare chested butler, ready to serve her for the day. He was even let out in to the audience boxing ring. Suddenly Mrs M was interested.

Anyway the serious stuff. The first audition was hairdresser Marcus Collins from Barnet, (sorry) I mean Liverpool, who was a cut, (sorry again) above the rest. For me, Marcus gave the best male audition of the series Great vocal, strong confidence and he looked great. A perfect combination. I think Marcus will definitely make the Final 16 and he is a serious contender.

A montage of decent singers came next, but again, decent people like James Michael didn't get enough airtime. I hope this changes at bootcamp as I would like to hear more of his vocal talent.

Next up was keep fit fanatic Graham, who, when he spoke, has the cool smooth tones of a voice over man.

Let me sum up his audition in one word......NEXT.

But he did provide Gary Barlow's quote of the weekend, You're not serious about this are you? You're never ever going to go to Bootcamp, ever."

Needless to say Graham did not get through to bootcamp.

Next up to audition were Elvis, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner and Britney, not the real ones!!! None of them got through.

During the next round of audtions we met a few people whose nerves were understandably getting the better of them.

It was at this point that we met soldier Jonjo Kerr, a charming man, but he was so nervous that he forgot his words and kept pacing around the stage. I wasn't overly impressed with him, nice lad but there was something missing. He didn’t have the X Factor. I wish him loads of luck, but for me he isn't a Midas act.

The last audition of the night was 16 year Amelia Lily from Middlesbrough, not far from where I am based.

Amelia was polished, very professional and a serious contender, one of the best vocals of the series so far.

She reminded of Pixie Lott, that's a huge compliment when you think she is currently sitting at Number 1 in the UK singles chart. Amelia is now also on my 'Midas act' shortlist, giving me a serious headache. Too many too choose from.

This time next week I will be revealing my 2011 X Factor Midas act to the World, who will it be? Check back next Monday to find out.

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