Jay-Z is “pulling out all the stops” to look after wife Beyoncé Knowles now she’s pregnant.

The American singer confirmed she is expecting her first child with the hip-hop mogul at last month’s MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs).

Jay-Z is said to be thrilled about impending fatherhood and has been taking care to ensure Beyoncé is being well looked after.

“Jay has been cooking for her – something he used to do all the time. He’s a really good cook. Last week she came home and he had cooked up fried catfish, her all-time favourite. And there was her favourite pasta dish the week before. He’s really pulling out all the stops for her. It’s very sweet,” a source told Look magazine.

As well as ensuring his wife is eating right, Jay-Z has also been helping her relax. He doesn’t want her to feel stressed so has been going to great lengths to ensure she can unwind.

“He comes home with roses almost every night,” the insider explained. “He’s been running her warm baths and offering her nightly back rubs.”

It’s thought Beyoncé is around four months pregnant.