Success abroad has no limit for well known Maltese singer Romina Mamo. After obtaining 2nd place in Tenerife last year and 3rd in Bulgaria last May, Romina has just returned from Italy carrying the 1st place trophy once again after winning the singer’s contest ‘Pop Star Talent’. This adventure in Italy gave Romina the opportunity to take part in 3 major events with singers from all over Italy. These events were aired on Italian TV stations and her victory was given publicity on Italian newspapers as well. Romina received an impressive applause every time she performed and she was also praised for her lovely voice and for her brilliant interpretation.
Well known Italian stars such as Luca Madonia (San Remo 2011), Gino & Dino (Striscia La Notizia), Pietro Ballo and Cecilia Gayle also took part in these events.
This festival gave Romina the opportunity to move forward in her career as she was extremely welcomed by a very professional jury consisting of well known artists and TV producers in Italy.
Watch out for great upcoming projects from this singer.