Watch the new video to promote the Foo Fighters' upcoming US tour. Entitled Hot Buns, it's kind of a fake gay porn video in a truck stop shower!

Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters (donning outrageous trucker attire) are finishing breakfast before repairing to the showers to wash off their road grime. Which is when the real, ahem, action starts…. (Note the crafty use of Queen's Body Language in there!)

At the end of the clip, the band shows off their big rigs -(come on, they're truckers!) - before the US tour dates roll. How on earth can the Foo Fighters top this one? See for yourself!

For the UNCENSORED version go here!

Oh and don't forget - next single 'Arlandria' is out Sept 5th on all download platfoms! Video is coming….

Hot Buns- Censored version below: