Jared Leto says writing a record “obsessively consumes him”.

The star is the singer-songwriter for 30 Seconds to Mars – also comprising of drummer Shannon Leto and guitarist Tomo Miličević.

Jared says the process of writing a record is pain-staking and takes over his life.

“When we make a record it becomes every single moment of my day and night, it obsessively consumes me,” he told Rock Sound magazine.

Jared and the group have released three studio albums to date including This is War.

The band regularly tour, and Jared says the “spontaneity” of performing live is what really drives them.

“The live experience is the biggest part of it for us. Being on the road so much, it’s important that we’re putting on a show that’s the best for the audience and the best for ourselves,” he explained.

“Spontaneity and being lost in the moment, having a sense of rapture... those are wonderful gifts to get.”