The 'Turn My Swag On' hitmaker – whose new track 'Pretty Girl Rock' features the line "don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful" – insists while she can come across as arrogant in her music she is just trying to give her fans confidence.

She explained: "What you might hear is a super-conceited bitch, but I want you to feel the confidence, to feel that way about yourself.

"I don't even have that confidence most days – I have to listen to my own song!"

Before shooting to fame when she collaborated with rapper Timbaland on 'The Way I Are', the 28-year-old star wrote tracks for the likes of Britney Spears and Usher in between her college classes.

And she is very proud that she managed to juggle her commitments.

She added to Attitude magazine: "That was my hustle! I would do two or three sessions a day while I was in college, running to my car between classes and trying to finish writing a song."

Keri's battle to make women feel comfortable in their own skin has been something she has been passionate about for some time.

She recently said: "I love to teach women that they should feel confident and feel good about themselves for themselves."