Kelly Osbourne would love to live without a cell phone.

The 26-year-old reality TV star revealed that losing her phone recently was rather enlightening. The petite star says it was nice to re-live the uncomplicated days of life before owning a mobile device.

“I lost my phone at a friend’s beach house last week and – after the initial panic – I loved my long weekend without it!” she quipped in an interview with Closer magazine.

“I’d completely forgotten what it was like before cell phones. You just have to put effort into arranging things, which is nice.”

Kelly is now going to spend evenings without her cell phone. The stylish star says those closest to her know how to contact her if needs be.

“Now I’ve got it back, I’m going to try to switch it off in the evenings,” she added.

“Good friends and family know how to get in touch if they need to!”