You probably shouldn't take this news as gospel, but the Boston Herald has reported that "a friend of a friend who is tight with someone in the Van Halen camp" said that the first single from their next album will be released next Tuesday. Supposedly, the song is called Late Term.

A more firm release date is out from the Judas Priest camp who has pushed their Single Cuts box set from August 25 to October 10. The box presents 52 tracks across 20 CDs and, for those that pre-order from the group's website, they are adding a set of magnetic Priest album covers.

The West Point cadet who was suing Patti LaBelle after he was assaulted by her entourage in Houston has been reinstated by the military school. Richard King was already suspended when the incident happened.

U2 has donated $7.2 million dollars in funding for music programs in Irish schools between now and 2015. The funds will mainly be for instruments and teacher salaries.

Jerry Foster will be the subject of the County Music Hall of Fame's Poets & Prophets: Legendary Country Songwriters series for this quarter. He will be part of a 90-minute program on September 10 at 1:30 pm at the Hall.
With Bill Rice, Foster wrote such country performers as Mickey Gilley (Here Comes the Hurt Again), Jerry Lee Lewis (Would You Take Another Chance on Me), Johnny Paycheck (Someone to Give My Love To), Charley Pride (The Day the World Stood Still) and Conway Twitty (Ain't She Something Else).

Betty Thatcher, who wrote the lyrics for most of the works of the band Renaissance, passed away from cancer on Monday.

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