Gene Simmons has joked there is no need for child labour laws as “kids should be working”.

The 61-year-old musician gained international fame as a founder member of iconic metal group Kiss, although his early career was far less rock and roll.

Gene has spoken about working in a butcher’s shop at the age of 12, and has teased that youngsters should be doing the same.

“I worked in a butcher shop rubbing the fat off of the chopping block,” he divulged to

The publication was asking celebrities to reveal their worst jobs at yesterday’s 2011 Do Something Awards in Los Angeles. When Radar’s Candace Smith expressed her shock at Gene doing such a gruesome job as a child, the rocker insisted he didn’t mind.

“Work is good... kids should be working,” he teased.

Actor Matt Lanter, best known for his role in 90210 had a less dramatic work experience. The heartthrob laughed that he used to smell of Italian cuisine all the time due to his position at a pizza restaurant.

“I never worked in the corner in a chicken suit or anything like that,” he smiled.

“The worst... I was a busboy in an Italian restaurant. It wasn’t the work; it was coming home smelling like garlic and pizza all the time.”

Meanwhile, model and businesswoman Tyra Banks may be one of the world’s most in-demand women today, but confessed she struggled to gain employment. The beautiful star was obviously destined for high fashion, as all the jobs she tried before that fell through.

“I couldn’t get a job before modelling,” she lamented.

“Nobody would hire me. I don’t know what was going on!”