Robyn admits she’s often “lazy” about seeing bands at festivals.

The 32-year-old Swedish singer is in popular demand come party season, and has had a busy summer so far appearing at iconic events such as the Glastonbury musical festival in the UK.

Robyn always has good intentions to discover the latest rising musicians whenever she attends such occasions, although often ends up getting sidetracked by the fun atmosphere.

“Glastonbury is always great,” she gushed to BBC Radio One.

“I always have a list with all the bands I wanna see and then I end up not seeing them. I have a beer backstage and get lazy.”

The singer is pleased to say she does manage to find time to “watch one band once in a while” though. She thoroughly enjoys touring the world, but is equally excited about taking a vacation to the hedonistic island of Ibiza. The pop star hopes to find time to relax as well as party.

“I do both, you don’t have to choose,” she explained.