Kelly Osbourne says her father’s “hug alone” has made her feel better after a horrible week.

The 26-year-old revealed on social networking site Twitter that the Black Sabbath singer had flown to London to support her during this emotional time.

Kelly, who is in the British capital to grieve for the late jazz singer Amy Winehouse, has had a tough week.

Following the news that her close friend Amy had died last Saturday, her ex-boyfriend apparently insulted her by tweeting rude comments about her physical appearance on the day of Amy’s cremation.

“thank god for my dad he just flow in from LA! his hug alone made me feel so much better! (sic),” Kelly tweeted. “its times like these that show u how important ur loved ones r & how to truly appreciate life! we only get one chance make it count! (sic)”.

The rock offspring also quoted a status posted by another user, urging people to make sure to let family and friends know how much they mean to you.

The untimely death of her friend has clearly made a deep impact on Kelly, who broke down in tears when she arrived at a London airport earlier this week.

“never sleep on an argument, always say goodbye when you go out and always tell someone you love them. Rules to live by (sic),” she quoted.