In the on-again/off-again festivities to celebrate the Beach Boys 50th Anniversary, Mike Love says the recording of a new album is on.

Love has told Billboard that the album will involve all of the remaining members of the group and is only in the planning stages at this time.

"Where we're at right now is Brian (Wilson)'s written some songs, I've written some songs (and) we're talking very seriously about getting together and co-writing and doing some new music together," Love tells "He's been doing his own touring, we've been doing ours and so we haven't really been able to lock into that, but it looks like this fall we will. It just makes a lot of sense with a milestone such as 50 years to get together and do something."
The last album released by the group was 1996's Stars and Stripes Volume 1.

Love also has floated the possibility of at least one, if not more, live performances with original members Bruce Johnston and Al Jardine. He did carefully avoid including Wilson in his statement, although Brian's participation is not totally out of the question.

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