The 28-year-old singer was handed a court summons by police in Jamaica following her expletive-filled performance at the Reggae Sumfest festival at the Catherine Hall Complex in Montego Bay in the early hours of Sunday (24.07.11) but did not appear in a local court today (26.07.11) to answer charges of breaching local laws against profanity.

Instead, local lawyer Hugh Thompson pleaded guilty on her behalf and she was fined J$1,000 – the equivalent of just $11 in the US.

It is unclear if Nicki was still in Jamaica when the punishment was given out, but her attorney paid the fine for her.
Despite the legal problem with her stage show, the ‘Your Love’ hitmaker didn’t let it upset her and took to twitter after her performance to profess how much she had enjoyed herself.

She wrote: "I had the time of my life at Reggae Sumfest... Jamaica I fell in love tonight.”

Earlier this month, Nicki was hit in the face during an argument at a hotel.

The 'Check It Out' star was struck on the lower lip during the heated row with the man she was staying with at the Palomar Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

Nicki told an employee at the complex to call the police and she later explained to the authorities the man had hit her when the fight continued inside her hotel room.

But the hip-hop star did not want to press charges against the mystery guy, who she told officers was not her boyfriend.