Robyn is thrilled that Katy Perry let her share “magic” stage tricks on tour.

The 32-year-old Swedish singer has already supported the US songstress on her ongoing California Dreams Tour, and is preparing to return to America soon for a second stint.

Robyn was thrilled to go on tour with Katy, and is amazed by all the various stunts and impressive special effects her shows involve.

“She’s super supportive. I even get to use her secret lift from underneath the stage,” beamed the singer in an interview with BBC Radio One.

“I come up from the underneath like magic.”

Robyn and Katy get along swimmingly, with the former describing her tour mate as a “really funny girl” who “smells like cotton candy”.

The star took the time to reflect on the difference between American concertgoers and their European counterparts. Robyn finds US fans to be rather noisy, and admits her fellow Europeans can give her a hard time sometimes.

“American crowds are like Americans - they’re loud,” she laughed.

“European crowds aren’t so easy to get but I’ve always had special relationship with the UK.”