Billy Joel showed up at Paul McCartney's second show at Yankee Stadium on Saturday night, joining in on I Saw Him Standing There.

Shirley Altson Reeves of the Shirelles has joined the Broadway musical Baby, It's You! She is not part of the cast that tells the story of Florence Greenberg and her discovering and developing the group, but comes out after the story is complete to perform a mini-concert.

Loretta Lynn continues to recover from heat exhaustion and dehydration at her home outside of Nashville. She cancelled two weekend shows because of the effects of the heat that has gripped the nation, but still plans on playing the Grand Ole Opry on July 23 and going back out on the road on August 1.

A documentary on the group the Sweet Inspirations will soon be available via iTunes. This Time covers the career of the group that backed up Elvis and has a hit in 1968 with the song Sweet Inspiration.

Geoff Tate, lead singer for Queensryche, doesn't have a lot of good to say about the current state of rock music. He told Britain's Classic Rock magazine "Rock is pretty much dead. If you look at the numbers, it's definitely not the music of the times anymore. If it's gonna keep moving, bands need to embrace new ideas. There's a lot of elements to rock that, mentally speaking, are kinda boneheaded. Like the whole "chunk-chunk-chunk" guitar progression — the stuff you play when you're learning the damn thing. You would hope bands would get beyond that."

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