The 'Parachute' hitmaker is believed to have reunited with her ex-husband – who she split from in May 2010 following reports of numerous infidelities – and while her friend Fergie admits she never expected them to reunite, she is encouraging the singer to "go for it" and give the soccer player a second chance.

The Black Eyed Peas star said: "Ashley really hurt her and I couldn't see her at the time ever taking him back. But she needs to follow her own heart.

"It's easy for people to say she's crazy taking him back, but life isn't as simple as that. If the love is still there and she truly believes he's changed then she should go for it if that's what she wants.

"It doesn't matter what family, friends or her management team say, it's her life and her decision. She really loved him and didn't want to get divorced, she just felt she had no choice."

According to Fergie – who met Cheryl through bandmate two years ago – the British pop beauty will want to take control of her relationship and won't accept any bad behaviour from Ashley.

She added to Closer magazine: "The next chance will be Ashley's last chance, there's no doubt about that.

"Cheryl's a lot stronger than she was two years ago. The relationship will be on her terms. It will be her who wears the trousers this time, and he won't be able to put a foot wrong."

The 'I Gotta Feeling' hitmaker also thinks Cheryl will want to start a family with Ashley sooner rather than later.

She added: “She's a very traditional girl at heart, and wants kids and to grow old with somebody. She is really strong now and if she decided to give him another chance, he's going to have to be the perfect husband because she wants to be the perfect wife and mother."

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