Evanescence’s latest single is the result of frontwoman Amy Lee “doodling around” on the piano.

The American rock band have been out of the limelight for several years, but have a new album out later this year. The self-titled record will hit stores on October 11, and is the group’s first since 2006’s The Open Door.

Evanescence know their fans are hungry for new music though, so they’ve made upcoming single What You Want available to hear already. It’s a heavy rock tune with a lot of thrashing guitars, and Amy has discussed how the band penned it.

“[Bassist] Tim [McCord] and [guitarist] Terry [Balsamo] and I wrote that song at my house in New York. We were just jamming, like, recording demos, and obviously the song has grown a lot since then, with everyone else," she told MTV. "For me, it was — and I need to remember this, so I can apply it in the future — it wasn't trying so hard to be some epic, massive chorus. I was just doodling around on the piano and the guys were like, 'Do that. Whatever you just did, that's an awesome melody.' And I was like, 'Really?' Sometimes you just need your friends to be like, 'Do that!'”

The track is all about “freedom”, according to Amy, a subject which rears its head throughout the album. She wanted to show the group’s fans she understands them, and to demonstrate she finally feels comfortable being on stage as a rock artist.

For Amy, it’s also important for a rock band to be big news again.

“It's so refreshing for us to play music that we want to hear," she explained. "It rocks, and not that there's nothing going on that does, but less and less; that's definitely not what's dominating the airwaves. And it would be so amazing and it's totally our dream to have that happen for us; not even just for us, but, like, we want to hear rock music again.”

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