Evanescence have spoken about their very long-awaited third album, which is almost finished and will be out in October.

Singer and pianist Amy Lee has talked to Billboard about their new album, their first since 2006’s The Open Door.

She says it is a far more collaborative album than their previous ones, likely because her primary writing partner Ben Moody is no longer with the band.

She said, “This time everybody had something to do with it from the ground up", adding, “The way everyone is playing strong, it's like we've been playing the songs on tour for a year.”

The article reports that the band will have finished the album by the end of this month, and it will come out on October 4.

Evanescence have sold almost 10 million copies of their first and second albums but haven’t recorded for six years or played live for two.

They’ve already booked to play Rock On The Range in Canada on August 20 and at Rock In Rio in Brazil alongside superstars Guns N Roses and a reunited System Of A Down.

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