Bono and his mates in U2 are the richest rock stars on Earth. Last year, they made $195 million.

Forbes Magazine has released its list of music’s top earnings and U2 are $70 million in front of Jon Bon Jovi in the second position.

Justin Bieber is the youngest and richest musical kid on the planet. His $53 million in pocket money put him at 9th place. And Michael Buble beat Paul McCartney by $3 million.

Here is Forbes Top 10 earners list:

1. U2 ($195 million)
2. Jon Bon Jovi ($125 million)
3. Elton John ($100 million)
4. Lady Gaga ($90 million)
5. Michael Buble ($70 million)
6. Paul McCartney ($67 million)
7. The Black Eyed Peas
8. Eagles ($60 million)
9. Justin Bieber ($53 million)
10. Dave Matthews ($51 million)

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