The 25-year-old rapper – whose real name is Dylan Mills – is proud to be an inspiration to other people and hopes his position in the public eye means he can help his fans and those who look up to him.

He said: "I guess people see me as a role model;, and that's something I always try to do. I like giving people a voice and I try really hard to be an inspiration to others."

Diizzee's life has been blighted by tragedy – including being stabbed in Cyprus, his friend committing suicide and his ex-girlfriend killed in a car accident – but the 'Bonkers' hitmaker believes his experiences have made him a better person.

He told Reveal magazine: "Tragedy makes you strong and open minded.

"I've brushed with death a couple of times, but the Cyprus stabbing was the worst. What I've been through has changed my outlook, it's made me value life more and appreciate things better. I now wake up every day ready to go. I now see how beautiful life can be."

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